Toxic Exposure

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Environmental Harms

Permeant health problems

The number of harmful contaminates are numerous, and generally vary.

It is an unfortunate reality that there are companies and industries that are willing to pollute the environment to avoid the cost of properly dealing with their waste and by-products. Others may unintentional pollute by leaking contaminants into the ground, water and air by failing to take proper precautions.


The number of harmful contaminates are numerous, and generally vary according to geographical location and range from radioactive waste, chemical and biological agents, hydrocarbon contamination, sites contaminated by coal bed methane drilling and production, hydraulic fracturing “fracking” fluids, coal ash waste, or abandoned mine waste of many types (asbestos mines, hard rock mines, precious metal mines, radioactive ore mines). The results can be catastrophic and can manifest immediately or over an extended period of time. Property owners may suffer from permanent and total loss of property value. In addition, exposure to such noxious materials, in some cases even for a short period of time, can cause serious and permeant health problems and even death.


Over the years, federal and state governmental entities have enacted numerous regulations and laws to prevent and require the clean-up and abatement of toxins and other pollutants. Unfortunately, many governmental entities simply do not have the budget or resources to detect and enforce such complaints.


Fortunately, our civil justice system does provide remedies that including clean-up cost as well as money including compensation for the loss in property values resulting from contamination. Certain & Zilberg has the experience and ability to successfully prosecute such actions including utilizing the NEW YORK STATE NAVIGATION LAW Article 12 to obtain strict liability against oil companies that pollute homes and properly when they spill oil.


Proving toxic exposure cases requires a diligent investigation as well as testing with the assistance of knowledge and qualified experts working in conjunction with your legal team.


If you are suffering from a serious disease or injury that you believe may have been caused by exposure to toxins or other harmful substances, you may have a right to financial compensation from the companies and people who caused your exposure. If you feel you may have a case, you should contact our trial attorneys as soon as possible to learn about your legal options.

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