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15 Million

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission data indicates that every year over 15 Million receive hospital treatment for consumer product related injuries.

Every day we use products trusting that they were designed and tested to be safe, expecting that they were sold with proper warnings of any risks associated with the product. Unfortunately, every year literally millions of products from toys, tools, medications, appliances to cars are recalled each year as a result of the manufacturers’ and retailers’ failure to properly design and test their products before distributing them to the unsuspecting public. Many of these injuries could be avoided if manufacturers, distributors or retailers took adequate steps to ensure the safety of the products they profit from.


When consumers or workers are injured by defective, dangerous or poorly designed machines or products an action can be brought against the manufacturer, distributor and retailer of the product. All parties engaged in the creation and sale of the product may be held liable without proving negligence.


Unlike many types of accident and injury cases, products liability cases are often complex and require a high technical skill and expertise in products law, product design, manufacturing techniques and related scientific and engineering knowledge. If you suffer an injury or lose a loved one because of the defective or dangerous product, you are going to need an experienced products liability lawyer to fight for your rights to obtain justice and full compensation.


The experienced and trial proven lawyers at Certain & Zilberg have a well-earned reputation for fighting hard and winning large verdicts and settlements against some of the biggest U.S. and international manufactures. Certain & Zilberg has had the honor of having been hired to take products cases to trial by other law firms when settlements could not be reached. These firms hire Certain & Zilberg based upon our successful record for obtaining result. We have more than 35 years of combined experience litigating products liability actions and we are committed to obtaining full compensation for our clients who have suffered as the result of dangerous and defective products.  In addition, our work has resulted in numerous safety changes in the design and inspection of everyday products.



Among many other defective products cases, we are currently reviewing cases involving auto recalls (including Defective Tires/Tread separations, Takata airbags, GM ignition failures), explosive e-cigarettes, circular saws without flesh detection technology, home appliance related fires and other harmful consumer products such as IVC blood clot filters, Taxotere chemotherapy treatment, and  talcum powder that has been linked to ovarian cancer.


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