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WorkSite Accidents

Caused by violation of state & federal laws

Construction and worksite accidents are an increasing occurrence throughout New York and Vermont.

Injury statistics demonstrate that Construction sites can be extremely dangerous workplaces. Workers engaged in construction projects, construction repairs, renovations and regular building maintenance often suffer accidents that cause serious injuries. Work-related injuries can leave workers unable to return to work, in financial distress and struggling with lifelong pain and limitations. The risk of injury is greater when workers are not provided with proper safety equipment, properly functioning tools or when economic considerations are given priority over job site safety.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and local regulations establish safety guidelines for employers. Further, New York laws obligate landowners, contractors and subcontractors to provide workers with a safe workplace. Pursuing construction site injury actions requires knowledge of an extensive framework of statutes, regulations and unique legal principles that apply to construction litigation. When followed, these laws and regulations are effective in minimizing construction injuries. Unfortunately, construction and worksite accidents are often caused by violation of Federal, New York State, New York City and other local laws and regulations that had been enacted to protect workers from unnecessary and avoidable injuries.


Contacting an experience attorney or law firm after a construction accident will greatly increase your chances obtaining a full and fair recovery for your injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. The ability to immediately investigate and preserve evidence from the work area is vital to protect and preserve your claim in the event of a potential lawsuit.


Certain & Zilberg is ready to assist you in the investigation of your claim and filing a lawsuit for full and fair compensation from harm that resulted from a construction site injury.


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