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Unwanted Sexual Contact

not only a criminal offense

Unwanted sexual contact is not only a criminal offense under New York Penal law – Sex Offenses but also may permit the target of the unwanted sexual attention to bring an action for any physical injury or harm against the perpetrator and parties that were responsible for preventing the abuse. Certain & Zilberg successfully litigated sexual assault/abuse cases against schools and government officials, mangers and religious authority figures as well as the schools, government agencies, employers and religious organizations that failed to take proper protective actions.


Whether the abuse suffered was allowed to occur by an institution or perpetrated by an individual abuser the responsible parties should be held accountable.


The amount and type of compensation available in a civil sexual assault action will depend on the specific facts of the case and nature of the injuries. Often however due to the egregious nature of these claims a jury may award significant damages including possible punitive damages.


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